What You Need to Know About The Coronavirus and Halotherapy/Dry Salt Therapy

The Salt Therapy Association has released the following information (see link below) regarding the Coronavirus and Halotherapy.

We have always provided a clean space and experience, so while we have always done these things, we fully understand people questioning areas that they may go into~ while these are our normal practices, we feel it's important to reassure our clients and potential clients:

Our salt room as an HVAC system specifically designed for salt rooms-the room is evacuated/ventilated after each session

The blankets and eye pillows we offer our clients are laundered after each and every use

We routinely wipe down (antibacterial wipes) and clean the salt room and chairs throughout the day

Our hand and foot domes are cleaned/disinfected after every use

Our door handles, counters, light switches, tables-all hard surfaces are disinfected on a regular basis

All our towels, robes, sheets for our nail, skin and massage services are laundered after every use. 

Our nail tech uses as many disposable supplies as possible for every client, whatever is not disposable is disinfected and sterilized.

Again, this is all normal practice for our business but with the heightend awareness, we want to reassure you all of our practices. 

Halotherapy can benefit respiratory and skin conditions as well as overall general wellness as an immune booster and for respiratory health. While we have many clients that use halotherapy regularly, we do have clients that come in as needed whether is be for dealing with seasonal allergy's, getting over an illness and needing to break up lingering symptoms (cough/stuffy nose/plugged ears) etc. Halotherapy is not something to come in for in the middle of an illness or fever so we are reminding people to not come in if you are sick or have a fever, thank you.