Services UPDATE 7/20/2020

Happy Monday!

Want to update everyone on our re-opening process and the re-starting of our services. We thank everyone that has called over the last few months for your patience and are enjoying seeing you all come in again.

Massage appointments were allowed to start back up as of July 1. It's been great having clients back in to provide 60 or 90 minutes of much needed relaxation (something we all need right now!) as well as the benefits of relieving stress and muscle tension. Massage therapy on a somewhat regular basis is a wonderful thing for the body and mind, here is a short article from "Shape" magazine:

Massage appointments are available at this time on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Friday appointments can also sometimes be booked based on availability. Our massage therapist, Jeanna, will spend a few minutes prior to your session chatting with you about any areas of concern, habits and health in order to tailor your appointment to your needs. We offer 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions and remember it's always good to drink lots of water in the hours following a massage in order to help flush toxins out of your body.

Skin Care appointments have restarted as well. Sarah, our esthetician, is scheduling at this time on Fridays and Saturdays. She is providing her waxing services, body wraps and back facials, we are unable to do traditional facials due to the State requirements and regulations, masks have to remain on. A back facial might be a nice treat to yourself (or anyone else) because,'s behind you and hard to give it the attention that we give the rest of our body's.

Manicures and Pedicures! Michelle is returning this week and all of us are excited to have our nails done, I know my pedicure is going to be heaven when I finally get back in that pedicure chair. Michelle will be scheduling appointments on Fridays and Saturdays. I want to thank everyone for their patience for these appointments......and please keep us in mind for your future mani/pedi's if you had to get yours prior to us being able to restart our nail services. I will plug Michelle's manicures and pedicures....they are the BEST and she loves doing pedicures, they are "her thing" as she says. Whether it's traditional polish, Dazzle Dry, or Shellac, come on in and get those nails in shape and pretty. Don't forget the guys, we offer Gentlemen's mani and pedi's also and thank the area Podiatrists that recommend their patients come in for their nail care. A short and simple statement here:,in%20the%20hands%20and%20feet. and information about DazzleDry can be found at


Salt Room Sessions! Can't say enough about how beneficial this is right now. From allergy's, asthma, sports/running endurance, snoring, bronchitis, general immune support and more, we are pleased to provide a simple and non-invasive therapy to add to your self care. This is a short whiteboard video myself and other salt room owners throughout the country collaberated on during our shut down time.


Be assured we are following CDC Guidelines during the reopening phase in all aspects of our facility and services for the safety of our clients and ourselves. This means some staggered and limited days of availability for some services at this time but will update on any changes. Be sure to look the calendar on our website under the "news and events" tab on our website or feel free to call us anytime at 207-292-0003, we'd be happy to answer any questions or book an appointment for you. 


Thank you all and have a great week! Stay hydrated!

Jen and Jim