Open for Private Salt Room Sessions

Hello and thank you for checking in.

We are scheduling private salt room sessions at this time. For the safety of our clients, us and our families, please do not come in if you are ill or have a fever.

You may have a session with a family member(s) or friend(s) that come in with you.

We realize how beneficial salt therapy is to our clients and want to be able to provide sessions as long as we can, please call 207-292-0003 to book so we can schedule effectively. Please do not schedule salt room sessions online at this time.

I will remind clients of a few things:

Our ventilation system is specifically for salt rooms, it has always evacuated the air in the salt room after every session. The blankets and eye pillows we make available to our clients are laundered after each use. Our salt room is wiped down and cleaned after every session~these are our normal practices for our salt room. We have increased wiping down and disinfecting hard surfaces throughout the facility and ask that anyone coming in use santizer we have in the front and to wash hands after the salt room. We will also provide everyone with a towel to take in during your session, dry salt tends to dry the throat and can cause a cough or clearing of the throat, please use the towel to cough into during your session, these too are laundered after use.

Any questions, please feel free to call us, we'd be happy to talk with you and hope that we all get through this as best as possible, this is a difficult situation on so many levels, our hope is to provide benefits or a simple escape and relaxation to our clients new and old.

Thank you~Jen and Jim