Happy Autumn!

Wow! Summer sure did seem to fly by~

We are grateful to all our clients over the past few months, ones we see on a regular basis, ones we see in the summer and new clients! We look forward to seeing our post-summer clients, those that are in the restaurant business, seasonal positions, tourism-we KNOW you all can use what we have to offer.....massage, facials, salt room etc. It's been a challenging summer and everyone has worked so hard and have been spread so thin, come in and see us for some much needed rejuvenation.

We have an additional service we'd like to let you know about, a full spectrum infrared sauna. The benefits of an infrared sauna session include: detoxification, relaxation, pain relief, anti-aging, cell health, wound healing, weight loss and more. Your sauna session can be individual or you can bring a family member or friend. Infrared saunas run at a lower temperature than a steam sauna, sessions are 30 or 45 minutes and best to let you body cool down naturally for about an hour after a session and be sure to drink plenty of water before and after your sessions. Keep on eye on our website under the "Our Services" tab for more information.

Heading into the fall and Holiday season, be sure to stop in for some unique gift giving ideas. We've added onyx lamps, beautiful onyx wine glasses and tumblers, great body butters and bath salts, jewelry and our very popular foot detoxification domes. As always, thank you for supporting this Maine small business.